Why Work With Us ?

Great question.

Frankly a question you should be asking every time you are offered any service. There are so many people and companies who claim to be able to preform Socila Media Miricales that they let everyone down when they don't meet expectation.

My name is Liron Segev and this is my agency.

So why work with us?

When you look for a social media partner you are looking for one thing - results. 

How do you know you will get results? You need a partner that has years of experience getting those results.

I consult to some of the largest brands around the world.

I take existing, non-existing, or poorly executed social media marketing plans and guide businesses back onto the correct path. I have been blogging on TheTechieGuy.com  since 2008, and run a YouTube Channel

I make my living based on my social media expertise and if you follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook you will see that I fly around the world to attend events & I speak at conventions. I get my hands on amazing products to review. I also get to interview top CEOs of multinational companies so I have my finger on the pulse of what ia currently available and what is going to be revealed soon.

So when I say "been there" I have actual first-hand knowledge and not this theoretical nonsense.  I do what I teach. I try it for myself and learn from personal experiences so that I can serve my customers from experience. 

If you just Google Liron Segev (which I know you will anyway) you will see for yourself.

The hand you shake is the hand that does the work


This is important. Most firms will send their top sales consultant to close the deal and then farm the work to the back office people who simply go through the motions of Likes and Comments just to meet the contract requirements.  




I don't work that way.


I believe:


  1. I can add value to your business from my 18 years of experience in technology and consulting.

  2. It's important to know when to say, "stop". I wouldn't be doing my job if I just agreed even though the strategy is wrong.

  3. That using video is the strongest messenger.

  4. Data Analysis is unemotional and tells the true story.

  5. Having the facts, making changes and adjusting along the way.


Most importantly: I can help your business get that exposure you need!

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